Matt Berger Knows

What was your first introduction to Thunder Trucks? I've always liked Thunder ever since I first tried a pair around 10 years ago. My first pair was 147 Thunder Lows Do you remember how you first got on the Thunder Team? The Flip TM at the time, Andrew Shusterman, asked if I would like to try and get on Thunder. He sent you guys my footage and I've been rolling Thunder since. Who are some of the Thunder Riders that inspire you or your particularly hyped on right now? The homies Alec Majerus and Moose. Any time new footage of those dudes come out it definitely sparks me to go out and skate. Are you working on anything right now? Any upcoming projects? Yeah, at the moment I have been just going on trips and filming as much as possible. There is some talks of different projects coming up so I'm just doing my thing until those plans solidify. You've been to China a few times recently, any other trips planned out? Yeah It's been a hectic schedule. I just got back from China for 6 weeks in January. I'm now heading back for another 3 weeks starting in March. It never seems to end, which I'm down for. Anywhere else you want to go this year? I've never done a Spain trip. If the opportunity arises I'm definitely going to try and get out there. I've heard way too many great things about that place to not go at some point. How Long do you usually Ride your trucks for? I try to ride my trucks as long as possible. The pair I'm riding right now are 6 months in and still running strong. What size board do you ride with the 149s? I ride 8.2 x 31.5 What is your go to warm up trick on a ledge spot? If it's nice and waxed I would probably try and mess with some back tails. How do you ride them? Loose, Tight or in the middle? It depends on the spot but I like to keep em on the medium end of things. Who is in your skate crew that you usually roll with? Lately it's been the Vancouver homies Derek Swaim, Stacy Gabriel. I'm on the road a lot though so it's always changing up. Who would be there for your dream skate session? All the homies and nothing but the homies. Shout outs or anyone you want to Thank? Everyone who's ever been a true friend and helped a long the way. You know who you are and I appreciate the hell out of it! Thank you!