Chris Cole Knows

What's up Chris, how was South America? It was insane! But wildly successful, the passion of the people there is outstanding. Any crazy stories, looked like some serious mob scenes. The crowd in Chile broke the iron fence at the park and poured in before the demo was even over and it became a full mob scene. You just dropped a part for your new DC Shoe, what was your favorite place to travel while filming for that? Right after SLS Super Crown we went to Beijing and Shanghai to shake off some street rust. Ended up getting 26 clips. Now that you finished that up is there anything else your working on? Any other upcoming projects? I am always filming always touring and skating contests. I wanna do some stuff that is outside that box this year too. How long have you been riding the new Thunder 149II's? What do you think of them? I love em! It's been two months and I am stoked on the height of the truck and the lack of wheel bite I am getting haha! What size board do you ride with the new Trucks? I have a 8.3 now. I am thinking I could do 8.25 or 8.5 either would have advantages. What was your first introduction to Thunder Trucks? Old skate mags but also Mic-e sent me a package a long, long time ago with Thunder and Spitfire. It was about 14 years ago I believe. It was magical but I didn't know I was supposed to send another footage tape in for another package or to actually get on the flow program haha. Do you remember how you first got on the Thunder Team? I think I just asked Jim T. but can't remember. Who are some of the Thunder Riders that inspire you or your particularly hyped on right now? Tom Asta is my favorite skater. I like Shane O'neill, Marc Johnson, Ellington, you guys pick em good. What is your go to warm up trick on a ledge spot? I start with back fifty. Then I 5-O it and so forth. How do you ride them? Loose, Tight or in the middle? Tight, same pop position each time. I am heavy so they don't feel that tight but people trip on how tight they are. Who is in your skate crew that you usually roll with? West- Mikey Taylor, MO, P-Rod sometimes. Kyle and the east coast crew.
East- Tom Asta and Ian berry and the Reign crew.
Who would be there for your dream skate session? My two crews- and my kids. Shout outs or anyone you want to Thank? Thunder trucks for always keeping me hyped to set up new trucks