Aidan Campbell Knows

How long have you been riding the new Thunder 149II's? What do you think of them? About a month now, they're really good doesn't feel like you have to break them in, grind really well and not as much wheel bite. What size board do you ride with the new Trucks? 8.25 What was your first introduction to Thunder Trucks? Some of the dudes at Focus Boardshop hooked me up with a pair when i was a kid. Do you remember how you first got on the Thunder Team? I think an old Etnies TM sent my footage in a while back. Who are some of the Thunder Riders that inspire you or you're particularly hyped on right now? Colin Provost, David Reyes, Nick Garcia, Stevie Perez. You dropped a pretty heavy welcome part for Etnies at the end of last year, how was it filming for that and how long did you have? It was fun went on some cool trips with those dudes, and from when they told us we were making a video probably around a year. How Long do you usually Ride your trucks for? Usually till they grind down to the axle. What is your go to warm up trick on a ledge spot? Back grind. How do you ride them? Loose, Tight or in the middle? In the middle. Who is in your skate crew that you usually roll with? Don loung, Jeremy Leabres, Blake Carpenter, Joey Ragoli, Ryan Spencer, Dakota Servold, Cody Lisch. Who would be there for your dream skate session? All those dudes I just named. Any upcoming trips this year, anywhere in particular you're stoked on going to? I think im going to Kyrgyzstan next month that should be fun, I'm stoked anytime I go on a trip. Are you working on anything right now? Any upcoming projects? Nothing in particular just trying to go out and get as much footage as I can. Shout outs or anyone you want to Thank? Focus Boardshop, Etnies, Sml wheels, Deluxe, RVCA, Arkaid, Sk8locos.