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#NewThunder149 For Decks 8.2" +

Truck height is measured from baseplate to the center of the axle

4 Styles to Choose From

Team Editions

Lightweight design for unmatched strength & control
Exclusive Quick Turn Response Geometry

Thunder Lights

Exclusive Quick Turn Response Geometry
Ultra-Light Aircraft Grade Hollow Kingpins
Strong, lightweight forged aluminum baseplates

Hollow Lights

Lightweight & guaranteed strong hollow axles
Ultra-Light Aircraft Grade Hollow Kingpins
Strong, lightweight forged aluminum baseplates

Titanium Lights

Strong, lightweight forged aluminum baseplates
Ultra-light aircraft grade hollow kingpins
Premium light & super strong titanium axles

149 Team Videos

New Thunder 149 Reviews

Video Reviews

Max Garson, Meta Skateboards
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Coming Soon

  • After riding 149 Thunders for the past few years, the updates are amazing. The new 149 II is the best turning truck I've ever ridden, hands down. All the updates put this truck on a whole new level! For boards 8.2 and bigger, Thunder just blew away the competition. - John 'MO' Morgan, Eastern Skate Supply
  • I set mine up and didn't tighten or loosen the bushings and they felt great from the start. Turning is on point as always, the bushings are holding up. Great clearance and grind. Stoked to keep these things going for the long haul. - Justin Dougherty, Skate Warehouse
  • One more thing I was also really psyched on was that even though you ride the trucks loose, you don't get that wobbly ride. The board feels stable and it gives you more confidence. Thanks to the bushings and the superior design! - Mattias Hasselquist
  • The New Thunder 149s are the real deal, the Higher Axel is great especially if you ride a bigger wheels. Less Wheel Bite and better Kingpin Clearance. Solid improvements on these bad boys, I would highly recommend them to anyone with a 8.25 board or bigger. You can't go wrong with Thunder! - Nick, Escapist
  • The higher set axle is great. I ride really loose trucks so this was a great relief.
    - The kingpin nut seems to be more easily accessible.
    - The response is quick and precise.
    All in all man, these are an awesome update to the 149. Thunder killed it. Mikah, Skatepark of Tampa
  • They're super good, no more kingpin hangups, and since they're just a little higher you don't get as much wheel bite.  I will be throwing my risers in the garbage! - Nate Hoover, Skate Warehouse
  • These trucks seriously rule. - Max Garson, Meta Skateboards
  • I loved the Thunder 149's before, but with the new higher axle on the 149II's they're perfect, never any wheel bite - Juan Rodriguez
  • Thanks Thunder, I love the new 149II truck, perfect quick turn for my 8.25 Deck. - Ian Bradley
  • Same Quick response as the original Thunder 149, but now with more kingpin clearance and no hang ups. - Steve Cornsmith
  • Smoothest Grinds and Quickest turns, I'm never riding another wide Truck again. Thunder for Life -Josh Burke
  • These trucks are the fucking best - Kevin Dolt
  • Good wheel clearance for no wheel bite, plus super light for my big board. - Tony Park
  • Clean look and response like no other, the New Thunder 149II are the best. - Aaron Taylor
  • I love how the OG Thunder 149's turned, but with the new higher axle the response is even better. - Alex Davies
  • Best truck out there for boards 8.25, they fit so good and are lighter than any other wide truck out there. - Raphael Jeffrey
  • The feeling on a grind these give you is like no other, Locks in perfect and pops out just the way you need it. -Nate Smith
  • Perfect for sitting in a long feeble grind down a rail. - Geoff Laskin

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