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Quick Response with Nakel Smith

What was your first introduction to Thunder Trucks? Hand me downs. Do you remember how you first got on the Thunder Team? I started getting boards and Darin asked me if I wanted trucks and wheels too and everybody around me only skated Thunders so that's all I skated too. Who are some of the Thunder Riders that inspire you or you're particularly hyped on right now? Kevin, Kyle, and Chima, Dylan I'm prolly forgetting a few of my niggas but the squad know the deal. How Long do you usually Ride your trucks for? Like forever unless I set up a Christmas. What is your go to warm up trick on a ledge spot? 5050 off top. How do you ride them? Loose, Tight or in the middle? I don't touch them unless I REAAAAALLY need too. Who is in your skate crew that you usually roll with? Kyle is my good luck, Kevin is my favorite skater, me and Thebe feed off each other's energy britches pushes me to try new shit sometimes. Just the squad. Who would be there for your dream skate session? Kyle, Kevin Thebe britches Mikey TJ, Jake, GT, Louie Lo, Cody Terp, Kush BBQ all my niggas man. You just dropped parts in illegal civ 2 and Supremes' cherry video, how was it filming for both those at the same time? Skate game SKRESSFUL. I'm always so hard on myself like I always wanna do better but Mikey and bill both chill so it was pretty easy as far as other people are concerned but I put myself through it mentally Ahahaha. You went on some pretty awesome trips while working on both those videos. What was your favorite place you traveled to? I did all my real traveling with Mikey and Kevin so that's off top one of the greatest things to be with your friends. It's hard to say though I was in Australia with Chima and Connell and Jesse so it was sick to be with locals but New Zealand has some pretty green grass and a beautiful blue sky and japan is so busy and they don't really speak English so they were all sick. Shout outs or anyone you want to Thank? Every single person that means something to me knows exactly who they are. I love y'all. THANK YOU DLXSF and Supreme. FUCKING AWESOME FOR PRESIDENT!

Check out Nakel in illegal Civilization 2, SF premiere June 22nd.

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