Kevin Bradley

Know Control

Thunder Know Future

Quick Response with Kevin Bradley

What was your first introduction to Thunder Trucks?

Shit, way back... My first not fake skateboard had them, haha.

What size truck do you ride?


Are you working on any projects currently?

The Supreme vid and Illegal Civ 2.

How do you ride your trucks? Tight, loose, in the middle?

I like em in the middle.

How long do you skate a set of trucks for?

Shit, like 3 months! And they still be fresh.

Do you usually have to loosen or tighten your trucks after you skate them for awhile?

I leave 'em how they are usually.

How did you first get started skateboarding?

My homie Ricky had this ninja turtle board we would always fuck around on in his backyard. My uncle Coop ended up giving me an old Powell mini board he had.

I know you're from a pretty rough area, was it hard to start skating there?

Hell naw! As soon as I got my own I took it everywhere I went, even when I was fuckin' around.

Anybody on the Thunder team you're particularly hyped on or draw inspiration from?

My nigga Nakel... One of the few people who actually get me hyped and make me wanna skate.

You and your friends got a funny way of messing with each other, whether its hardys or hide your neck. Who hits the hardest?

Nak and Mikey... They some bitches.

Who do you normally skate with?

Nak and Mikey really. Big Kevin, Sean, and Haden.

Shout outs?

Shouts out to all my niggas holdin' it down out there, keep that shit up and get that fuckin money!


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