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Quick Response with Moose on Jake Ruiz

How long have you known Jake Ruiz?

About 7 years.

What's the craziest thing you've seen him do, not on a skateboard?

Probably when he was 13, walking out of a gas station with 50 dollars worth of snacks and candy stuffed in his pants, ha ha ha.

What's the craziest thing you've seen him do on a skateboard?

There is just too many things to pick from, the little fucker shreds!

Tell us something about Jake that you wouldn't know unless you're around him as much as you.

He loves his mommy.

What is an average day like for y'all?

Wake up, meet up, get coffee, warm up at the park, shred some spots, eat, come home.

What trick have you seen him learn the fastest?

He learned bigspin hurricanes pretty damn fast.

Any trick he struggles with?

Not really, maybe manual variations.

When he skates the ridiculous rails that he skates, does he get you to try and jump on them with him?

Yeah, sometimes, unless its too nutty for me.

What's the worst slam you've seen him take?

He slammed straight on his face trying to grind a 9 rail one time, it was pretty brutal.

Say something nice about Jake.

Jake is just one of those kids that is super passionate about skateboarding. He's always himself around anybody and I'm proud to call him my homie and stoked for his come up in skateboarding. I knew you had it in you, little fucker!!


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