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Quick Response with Clive Dixon

What was your first introduction to thunder trucks?

My first introduction to Thunder was when I was a kid, I used to get them all the time, I really liked all the different pro model trucks they make.

What size truck do you ride?

147 HI

Are you working on any projects currently?

Trying to put a little part together for myself, maybe get some of my buddies to film some stuff to put in there as well.

How do you ride your trucks? Tight, loose, in the middle?


How long do you skate a set of trucks for?

Probably anywhere from 4 to 6 months.

Do you usually have to loosen or tighten your trucks after you skate them for a while?

I usually crank them down when I get em, then let them loosen up and break in as a skate. Don't normally touch them after I first put them on.

You're currently on a trip in a Winnebago, tell us about it. How did it come about and where have you been and where are you headed next?

My buddy Clint came up with the idea and got an RV, fixed it up, we got our crew together and took off. We have been to Chicago, Nashville, are in Cocoa Beach now and heading to Oklahoma City next.

Anybody on the Thunder team you're particularly hyped on or draw inspiration from?

Kyle Walker is killing it so hard! My buddy Dirty is getting Thunders now, I skate with him every day and he always gets me hyped to skate.

Coming from florida into the skateboarding industry, anything you weren't particularly prepared for?

Na, it has always been pretty straightforward, just gotta skate.

Who do you normally skate with?

Clint Walker, Dirty, and Trevor Vaughan.

Anyone you want to thank?

Huge thanks to Darin for hooking me up and making this possible.


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