Tanner's been down for Furnace since he was a kid and is now stacking clips for the shop and gripping boards behind the counter. With no shortage of tech and style, Tanner comes through with two minutes of footage repping the shop, and doing it well.

Tanner Lawler:

First Memory of the shop:

Probably just skating El Dorado park as a kid, seeing Julian Davidson and Kevin Romar wearing furnace tees.


Years Riding for Furnace?

I've been going into the shop for years. But just this last year riding for it. I'm the rookie haha.

Best Furnace Story?

Maybe taking a sponsor me tape into the shop when I was like 11 and the dude working telling me they don't sponsor kids, without watching the footage. To be fair, wasn't much on that tape. But to now be  apart of the shop, I'm honored. Thanks for being down these days Randy!

Things to love about Furnace?

The team. Grew up watching these dudes. Still inspired by them today. Everyone involved loves skateboarding, a true skateshop, all are welcome. Come thru!

What's next for Furnace?

Shop video would be dope.

Furnace: (Answered by Randy Padayao)

First memory of Tanner in the shop?

Hmm, that's a distant one.  We've all known Tanner for a very long time, he has always been known to be a wiz on the board, and known to rock the Furnace gear as a young buck.  Recognizing him a long time ago as a young skate nerd like us, we knew he'd be around a while!

Years in Business?

26! Thank you for your continued trust and support :)

Best Tanner Story?

Well, here's the most recent best Tanner story. People were really pushing him to drop a part for the shop last year as a "Welcome To The Team" part. Long story short, I didn't know Tanner well enough to drop it, so I ultimately decided not to. Believe me, it was not an easy decision because it felt right, and the part was incredible!  But I personally had to know it was right. I know that the decision hit us both hard, and may have had a ripple effect with people close to us. But in hindsight, it's what needed to go down between us, and I know that we are in the best, ideal place now because we went thru that together. When people can come out the other side of a tough situation much stronger than before, it certainly makes for a tight bond. We needed some help around the shop in the winter last year, so we decided to hire Tanner to join us in our day-to-day ops. I knew it would be the best way to get to know him better too. In a short time, I knew it was right.  We are stoked to have him around and a part of the squad as a big contributor to the culture, and to our shop! I couldn't feel any better about his involvement here.

Things to Love about Tanner?

His style all around has always pretty much remained the same. Tanner has always been Tanner, never trippin on the latest fashion tip. He is very loyal to his fam, friends, his lady, and the shop.  There is maximum love and respect within for his people. He's the old soul who can hang with the youngsters, as well as the veterans who have always surrounded the shop and our community. Bridging the Furnace generations from old to current has always been really important to us. What's not to love about him, he's a lovable dude!

What's next for Tanner?

Anything and everything involving Furnace for sure. We are always stoked when we find genuine help around the shop, I know all skate shop owners with some skin in the game struggle with that. We can expect his consistent growth within the shop, constant wiz clips, video parts...all with a light-hearted outlook.  Looking forward to the journey!