Walker Ryan for Thunder Trucks

Skating in the Bay Area:A struggle, but simply the best

Next Project: New TWS video

Craziest place Skateboarding has taken you: Bangladesh

Best thing about growing up in Wine Country: Passionate people

Next After Skating: Back to the wine?

Living next to the Thunder factory: Skating home with the best stuff in my backpack

Trucks Loose or tight: Medium

Inspiration: Compassionate people

Being a full time Student: Time management

Bringing Your Family to a Rap show at your Pro release: Second hand high

Shuffl 2.0: Coming Soon…maybe.

Ideal daily schedule: 36 hours in one day

Continuous Travel: Current situation

First skate video: FTC penal code 101

Current skate video on repeat: Mark Suciu’s part

Which is harder Finishing College or Filming a Video part: The video part on my college campus

Owe everything to ____: My family