Having a local kid start visiting your shop at the age of 4 and now, 17, riding and filming videos for the shop encompasses what makes local skate shops so great. We could get all warm and fuzzy on the topic for hours, but we’ll keep it short. Seasons, Cooper, cheers to you both. Forever hyped on what you do.


First Memory of the shop?

Not too vivid of a memory but I remember going into the shop from when I was like 5 or 6 years old and there was this box full of stickers and I would go through the box every time I went and pick out my favorites.

Years Riding for Seasons?

The shop opened when I was like 4 or 5 so kinda since then. I knew most of the dudes.

Best Seasons Story?

Probably the other day, I went in on my birthday and walked out with a cardboard cut-out of Ishod. LMAO.

Things to love about Seasons?

They always welcome everyone with good vibes, always got great products in-store, and hook you up with fire stickers with most orders.

What's next for Seasons?

Not too sure, assuming more shop videos in the future!

Seasons: (Answered by Trevor Culley)

First Memory of Cooper?

I shot this photo of Coop in '09. He was like 4.

Years in Business?


Best Cooper Story?

A few years ago I saw him show up to our skate park here, do a bunch of tricks down the rail all first try, then sit down. Thought that was a hilarious way to warm up.

Things to Love about Cooper

Chill, Humble, Casual

What's next for Cooper

Freshly 17 so I'd say a lot of good things.