Bringing his smooth style and unique trick selection to Barcelona and beyond, Maxi Schaible handles the newest Know Future video with ease.

Fakie 5-0 Pop Out.

Name, Age, Location?

Maximilian Schaible, 30, currently Portugal normally Spain originally Germany.

Session must haves?

Bottle of sparkling water, piece of wax, bunch of friends.

If you could live anywhere?

A healthy mix between Mexico, NYC, Barcelona, the German countryside and a bit of Paris.

Next Trip?

Just arrived in Portugal.

Inspiration outside skating?

Music, art, my friends.

Favorite video parts?

John Cardiel Cash Money Vagrant, Nick Michel in Lotties Must Be Stopped, Andrew Wilson's section in John's Vid.

Can't live without?

Good cup of coffee, the beach, family.

Truck Size & Style?

I really like to Team Edition 148's polished, very simple.

What's Next?

Trying to go to the US asap to work on a little project for Chrystie and someone else :)

BS Lipslide Coast to Coast.