Heavy sets, steep banks, and flowing lines. Matisse Banc brings speed and style to everything he skates for the newest Know Future video.

What's up, Matisse, how's it going?

Not much! I am in Tournon, my hometown, with my Mother, she's moving, I'm helping her get a new house. I appreciate summer here with friends and family; it's only good times!

What have you been up to lately, have you been working on any other projects?

Yes! I will release a new part for my griptape sponsor; a small french brand called unemployed! It's rad. We took the risk and put music not free of rights; it's the first time I've picked my part's song. I'm super stoked. We will use a french singer called Serge Gainsbourg. I've also filmed some clips for the Emerica Pillar colorway with Spanky & Leabres! I'm glad. I've wanted to do these tricks for a while, and it was an opportunity to put the pressure back on!

Where did you grow up in France? For someone who has never been there, can you describe what the skate scene is like?

In Tournon in Ard├Ęche. It's not far from Lyon but nothing to see. It's nature over here. If you are keen on fishing, this is the place to be. Ask Doobie if he's not like a fish in water here!

Who are some of your favorite skaters that are coming up over there right now?

Victor Pellegrin, the famous Doobie mother fuckin Doobie. He also comes from Tournon. He's one of my role models over here. He always supported me to elevate my skating and my spirit. He's more than a friend; he's a brother!

How did you get involved with Thunder?

First, I was a distro flow rider supported by V7. Julio hooked me up with some Deluxe stuff, and then the story began! Let's see what's next!

Truck Style of and size of choice?

149 Lights

Pre-Covid, you took a trip to California to skate, right? Were you over here for something specific or just on a skate trip with friends?

I came for the Emerica Green Premiere to support my mates and do a little skate trip with the European Emerica crew! It was super Fun.

What did you think? Have you spent much time in the states before? How does it compare to skating at home for you?

It was my first trip to the USA, and I have special memories of it. There you have another way of skating, everything is bigger and longer. Spend hours in the car to skate confused me a little at first; my legs don't always take my mind; that's something you get used to. In France, we often move by subway or skating, not more than 15 minutes to go from spot to spot, but I really enjoyed the scene here and the hype around skateboarding! I will come back soon and try to stay longer!

Music of choice before a session?

Punk rock!

One thing you can't live without?

Hair Elastics!

What's next for you? What are some of your favorite types of projects to work on?

I plan an Emerica part for 2021. I have a bunch of clips and can't wait to come back and end it. Maybe some more projects with Deluxe brands, who knows?

Any shout outs or thanks yous?

My Mother & brother, V7 and Julio, Wall Street Skateshop, Victor "Doobie" Pellegrin, Kevin Parrot, Tim Cisilino, Nate Alton, Nassim Lachhab my BFOM, and all my friends around the world I have in my heart!