Know Future : Ryan Connors

Know Future : Ryan Connors

Whats up Ryan how are you?

What’s good!

Let’s start with the basics how old are you where are you from?

I’m 20 years old and I’m from Claremont California.

Growing up out in the Inland Empire did you feel like its a part of the LA skate scene or is it pretty separated?

Skating in the IE is a different vibe then LA. From the people to the skate spots. You can find more untouched spots in the IE.

Were there any older rippers / pros around you growing up you looked up too?

Ryan Miller, Daniel Knapp, JP Jadeed took me under their wing when I was little and really showed me the ropes. I grew up skating with those dudes. I wouldn’t be anywhere in skating without them. They taught me everything I know about skateboarding.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

I would love to live in Barcelona. So many good skate spots and good people.

How did you get involved with Thunder?

I met Nate Alton (Thunder TM) at my local park but didn’t know he worked for DLX. Just started a convo and ended up getting his number and went from there. I’m stoked to be a part of thunder.

Do you think it’s rare these days for people to get hooked up from meeting them naturally just out skating and not via sponsor me emails?

Yeah, it’s rare for people to start getting hooked up by meeting them out skating. It’s better to just be in the right place at the right time. More natural.

Your skating is pretty unique, from the spots to the tricks you choose to do. How do you go about finding spots and choosing tricks to film?

I just lurk around my area, always looking for new stuff to skate. Always trying to prop up weird grate spots. Whenever I’m in the car I just look out the window looking for something to skate.

What is your daily routine? Do you have a job or do you just skate?

I had a job for a while washing dishes but I got fired after my last pizza skateboards trip haha. So now I’ll just skate and film until I find another job.

Know Future : Ryan Connors

Wallride – Photo by Joe Brook

Is there any pressure from your family to go back to school or are they pretty supportive of your skating?

My mom has been supporting me skating since I was 6, so there’s no pressure from her. She knows I’m not gonna stop skating for a long time.

You went on a Pizza trip to Barcelona recently. How was that?

Going to Barcelona was so sick. We were out there for two weeks. Half of the trip we spent in Alicante which is 4/5 hours from Barcelona. It was sick driving through all the small cities on the way to Alicante. So much different then California. Spots were amazing too.

Was it your first time out of the country or have you traveled a lot before that?

I’ve been out the country once before Barcelona and that was to Montreal. I was out there for a few days to skate this contest. Explored the city a little but was mostly there for the contest.

Are you working on any other video project right now? Anything we should look out for?

Pizza Barcelona video drops June 17th. Then the Lurkhard video is coming out shortly. My homie, Dennis Carlson, who filmed this Thunder edit is coming out with a full length that I’ll have a part in. Hopefully drop this VX part too!

Any shout outs or thank you’s you’d like to give?

I’d like to thank Geno, REF, Johnny Layton and Nate Alton and my momma.