Know Future: Hugo Corbin

Hugo Corbin takes it from France and Switzerland all the way to SF with his unique trick selection and the spots to back it up for the newest Thunder Know Future video.

Know Future: Hugo Corbin


What’s up Hugo how are you?

I’m doing well thank you!

Let’s start with the basics how old are you where are you from?

I’m 20 years old and I come from Paris, France.

Growing up in Paris France what was the skate scene like?

Since I started skating, I can tell that the level in Paris gets crazier every year. A lot of different styles too! There is much more people each year of all ages.

Know Future: Hugo Corbin

Were there any older skaters / pros around you growing up that you looked up too?

As far as older skaters/pros, I can say Remy Taveira, Vincent Touzery and Oscar Candon.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?


How did you get involved with Thunder?

When I started skateboarding, I tried more or less all of the American and European brand trucks. The best feeling for me was Thunder Trucks for the quality of resistance, and their lightness. The other brands were cool but too heavy or the resistance of the metal was not too good. I started by buying Thunders every time and then getting them through Nozbone Skateshop. A few years later, the French distributor contacted me to skate for Thunder. That’s where it all started.

Know Future: Hugo Corbin

You seemed to travel a lot while filming your Know Future – what was the best place for skating you went to while filming for it?

I’ve been to Switzerland a couple of times.There are a lot of beautiful & perfect spots there but for me the best place was the Embarcadero spot (EMB) in San Francisco when I went there for my first time. The place looks perfect for skating & chilling with friends too.

How was your first trip to San Francisco? Any stand out memories from your time there?

My first time in SF was sick! For everything, food, skating, the city.The thing that really got me, I think it was the downhills! Before I went to SF I saw a couple GX videos from downhill spots. It’s so much bigger and awesome when it’s in front of you!

Whats your daily routine like? Do you have a job or just skating?

Actually, I skate a lot during the day. I worked a little bit at Nozbone Skateshop but I had to actually stop to skate more and try to travel to see as much of the country as possible.

Is there any pressure from your family to go to school or are they pretty supportive of you skating?

It’s been 2 years since I’ve been out of school. I got my most important exam then I went outside of school to be able to enjoy a lot more of my passion. My parents have always supported me in my passions whether in skateboarding or other sports before.

Are you working on any other video projects right now? Anything we should look out for?

Yes, I’m currently on the project of my friend Bobaj. We already started to accumulate clips for his video then we will surely start a VX part. I’m also on a mission in Paris for a Nike video with the crew.

Any shout outs or thank you’s you’d like to give?

Totally, I wanted to say thank you so much to my family for everything. My friends too. All the brands who help me. Also, everyone I met in SF for showing me everything. Swiss CG crew too for their family spirit and their motivation everyday during my visits. Thanks to Bobaj, Nate, Christian & Mikel for allowing me to work on this Thunder project!

Know Future: Hugo Corbin

Know Future Video By : Shqipron Bobaj – Photos : Christian Alexander