Know Future : Christian Henry

Know Future : Christian Henry

Lets get some basic out of the way. Whats your name, where are you from, how old are you?

My names Christian Henry, I’m from Margate, Florida and I just turned 20 years old.

How did you start skating?

My brother got me into skating. I remember his first board was from Sports Authority, then when he got over it he passed it down to me.

You’re on a heavy list of Florida skaters coming up right now. Is it something in the water out there?

Haha thank you! Im not sure, I don’t think so.

You moved from FL into a notorious little Long Beach skate house. Who’s all living there now and whats the situation looking like? You got a room? On the couch?

Right now it’s me, Josh Douglas, Mikey Glover, John Dilo, and Christian Dufrene. I used to sleep on the couch but I recently got an air mattress for Christmas, so now I just sleep on that.

When you’re going out skating whats the crew looking like?

Usually I’d be going out on sessions with the homies Frankie Heck, Cody Jacobson, Ish Cedepa and Dougnut. Or I’ll go out to The Valley and link with the homies Thomas Drista, Zach Allen, Jamie Foy and Felix Soto.

What up-and-comer is going the hardest right now?

Tyson Peterson!

Know Future : Christian Henry

Front Shuv-it – Photo by Atiba

Atiba shot this front shuv photo – how was it going out and shooting a photo with one of the best photographers in the game?

It was tight! Having Atiba on the session really juices it up even more. Super motivating.

You’ve been spending a lot of time up in SF and out in NYC – what is it about those two place that you like so much?

I’ve been trying to go up to SF a lot and film because the spots there are amazing and I love being in the city. My Family lives in a town in New Jersey, pretty close to New York, so that’s why I’m always there. Skating in NYC is sick too because you can get hella creative with spots.

What was the first video you saw?

It was a Best of Rodney Mullen video on YouTube.

What video part do you watch to get fired up to shred?

Spitfire’s Thrash and Burn video!

What’s on the heavy playlist right now? Give us three songs that get you hyped to skate.

Chief Keef – Be Back
Diego Money – Real Money
Young Nudy – Hell Shell

Top 3 favorite skaters of all time and why?

Grant Taylor – skates fast and eats coping.
Erik Ellington – best big spins in the game… with style too.
Ishod Wair – All Terrain!

Whats next for you? Working on any projects?

I’m trying to work on a project for myself right now and just skate up!