Jenn Soto : Thunder Trucks

We met up with Jenn at the Griffith Park ditch in LA. When I first saw Jenn skate I was impressed with her smooth style, trick selection and the fact that she is always smiling and enjoying herself. I had never been on a street mission with her before so I knew the day was going to be a treat. After a few warm-up ollies into the bank, she started rifling off tricks into it. At the end of the session, I was blown away, not only by her skating but by her ability to stay calm, happy and laugh at herself even after a slam. Keep smiling Jenn the only way to go from here is UP! – Nate Alton, Thunder Team Manager

Jenn Soto for Thunder Trucks

Jenn Knows – 147 Polished Hollow Lights

Let’s start with the basics where are you from originally and how did you get into skating?

Jersey City, New Jersey!!

The last couple years have been pretty intense for you with getting into SLS and the major contests. What has been the biggest life adjustment for you since skateboarding as a career started taking off?

The most interesting challenge for me has definitely balancing all the skate time I have now! Recovery is super important and there’s no time to be sore out here haha!

Who are some skaters you’ve looked up to or have heavily influenced how you approach skateboarding?

Growing up watching skating videos, everyone was so dope! My favorites were definitely P-rod, Manny, Andrew Reynolds! The best styles!

How did you first get involved with Thunder?

I worked at my local skate shop “Classic” when I was a teenager, I put on a pair of thunders on one day and never took them off haha.

Jenn Soto for Thunder Trucks

What’s your daily routine like? Do you have other obligations or a job outside of skateboarding?

Skateboarding has been full time for a year and a half now! It’s so blessed! Just been traveling and skating! Love a little downtime when I’m home, I usually game on my days off haha.

What’s your dream life look like for you in the next couple of years?

Dream life isn’t too far away I’d say haha maybe a house with a skatepark would be icing on the cake.

Ideal skate trip, who is in the van?

Mariah Duran , Zion Wright, Samarria Brevard and Ishod Wair The tricks that would go down!!!

You were involved in a video project by The Smiths “Above the Noise” how did that come about? How was it being involved and seeing the response to it?

The opportunity came about last year and I just loved the concept! It’s always nice to see such a positive response. I love the negative ones too haha.

Are you working on any other projects right now that we should look out for?

Just working on some street stuff! Trying to drop these parts! 2020 is gonna be a crazy one! Let’s goooooo!

Any shout outs or thank yous?

Shout out all the homies back home ! Classic skate shop I love you guys ! Shout out to the world and all the humans, mixtape coming soon (mic drop).

Video by @jeremymcnamara_ & Photos by @morfordmedia