Frankie Heck Knows

What was your first introduction to Thunder Trucks?

Well I remember seeing my friend skate them when I was growing up and I always thought they looked super dope! So I got pair and just been skating them ever since!

Do you remember how you first got on the Thunder Team?

Yeah I remember sending my footage to Darin Howard a couple years back!

Who are some of the Thunder Riders that inspire you or you’re particularly hyped on right now?

I’m super psyched on Jake Donnelly, Davis Torgerson, And Ishod Wair they’re all so buttery!

You’re originally from Texas but moved to CA recently, what prompted the move and how different is the CA lifestyle?

Well pretty much for all the sick spots and cause the skate scene out here is so big it’s amazing! The lifestyle out here is crazy, I’m totally not use to seeing mountains everywhere you go and having the best weather everyday! Also having an ocean to go in is pretty nut.

What size trucks do you ride, and what size boards do you run with em?

I ride the Thunder 147 Hi with an 8.1 Expedition board.

How Long do you usually ride your trucks for?

For like 7 months maybe haha.

What is your go to warm up trick on a ledge spot?

Probably just a classic Fs grind.

How do you ride them? Loose, Tight or in the middle?


Who is in your skate crew that you usually roll with?

All my homies from Dallas TX! Michael Tang, Carsten Boyer, Sean Saltamachia, Cody Jacobson, Kechaud Johnson, and Demarquis Mcdaniels! Also Tim Cisilino and the Expedition crew and the Mcclungs!

Who would be there for your dream skate session?

Matt Daughters when he was in his prime!

You just dropped your new “Dream” part, how was it filming for that and how did it come about?

Haha it was hard, but super fun, it took me 3 trips back to San Antonio for my last trick and took about like 2 and half years to make my part but the whole video was made in 5 years. It all just started off with just skating with all the homies and filming with my friend Adrian like all the time. We ended up all just started getting a whole bunch of stuff together and one day decided to try and make a Texas skate video out of Dallas called D.R.E.A.M. “Dallas rules everything around me”! To see everyone else’s parts you can still buy the video at

Are you working on anything else right now? Any upcoming projects?

Yeah I’m working on a few things right now this welcome to Expedition part that should drop in December and some things with Jacob Messex for The Skateboard Mag.

Shout outs or anyone you want to Thank?

I would love to thank Donny Smith for helping me out with everything! Mom & Dad & Sister, Tim Cisilino, Matt Daughters, Chany Jeanguenin, Jake Mednik, Nate Alton, Darin Howard, Dennis Martin, The Mcclung Family, Mikendo, Adrian Hodge, Sean Apgar, and Patrick Kudrle.