Efron Danzig comes through with a powerful style and solid mix of Philly spots to back it up for the newest Know Future video.

Photo by Zander Taketomo

Name, age, location?

Efron Danzig, 21, Philly.

Years on board?

Around 8 years.

Pre-session tunes?

It's different every day, but usually something I can dance around to. Maybe Shimmer or old Guerilla Toss.

Can't live without?

My friends :)

Favorite philly spots?

Muni or Cecil because you can just sit around all day & shoot the shit. I also really like the art museum stair set to hill bomb.

Truck Size and Style?

147. I just skate the regular ones.

Hobby outside of skating?

I like to make clothes, write and make music.

Biggest inspiration?

Hoodie weather.

What's next?

Gonna go get my nails done.

Photo by Noah Balshi