A Seattle skate shop part filmed in Los Angeles? Yep, skate shop love has no borders. Johnny Matarazzo coming through for his hometown shop, 35th North.

Johnny Matarazzo

First Memory of the shop?

Just watching "Stop Fronting" and "All City Showdown" as a kid. Along with Manik and Innerspace, for me 35th defined the Seattle street skating scene.

Years Riding for 35th North?


Best 35th North Story?

Camping with the crew on the Peninsula. Sunset hill bomb through Fort Warden.

Things to love about 35th North?

35th's Got what you need! Always a smiling face and some good 'ol shop talk. The perfect link up spot.

What's next for 35th North?

By And By. Keeping the Seattle scene thriving!

35th North (Answered by Tony Croghan)

First memory of Johnny in the shop?

It's hard to remember as he's been part of the scene since he was real young. His whole squad was super good and they would be destroying the Highland Skate Plaza on the daily, that's for sure. Hard not to notice.

Years in Business?


Best Johnny Story?

We were on a shop skate trip heading towards the peninsula and camped on a friend of mine's property. He lives pretty deep, kinda secluded, and grows hella weed and hella garlic. Those are Johnny's two favorite things. He left hooked up with a big old jar of weed and big ol' bag of garlic and was like "Your friend is the sickest dude ever."

Things to love about Johnny?

Always got a smile on his face, is witty as can be, and knows his Seinfeld trivia.

What's next for Johnny?

Good things. Cali in the winters and Seattle in the summers. He just keeps getting gnarlier, keeps stacking clips, and always reps the town!