Rick McCrank Knows


Quick Response

Do you remember your first set of Thunder Trucks?
When did you first start riding them?
I had a set when I was a kid, I think they had a lizard on them? After that I ran through all the different truck companies throughout the years until sometime around 1997 when I rediscovered Thunders, I remember that they just worked right away and they turned really smoothly and that the grinds felt good. Anyone on the Thunder team that you looked up to in the early days or on the current team that you get inspired by? Honestly there are way too many amazing skaters from the past and the present that ride Thunders to name any. I do remember seeing this shot of Marc Johnson from an old 411 maybe? it was just a tight shot from his knees down rolling towards the camera and he was just carving side to side and it looked so smooth and I remember thinking that it was the trucks that made it look so smooth, in fact I might have gotten some Thunders because of that!? What size do you ride and are they tight or loose? I ride the high 147’s and I’d say they are right in the middle of loose and tight. First go to trick after setting up a new set of trucks? No Comply and I like to do a 50-50 to feel the smooth metal on a ledge for a minute then I have to grind them to hell because the smooth grind just doesn’t feel right and old trucks look better. Any projects you’re currently working on? Trunk Boyz Vid. What is something going on in skateboarding right now that you are really psyched on? Logan Lara. Who would be there for your dream skate session? Rick Howard, Keegan Sauder, Mark Gonzales, Eric Koston, Arto Saari skating SPoT with the park set up like it was in the early 2000’s. You recently hosted the 20 Years of Girl show at Anti-Social, do you guys have any other future shows or projects coming up for the shop? We’ve been whispering about making another shop vid? Best thing about having your own skateshop? Being there for the community. How do you find the perfect balance between skating and all your passions and hobbies? Getting hurt seems to help the hobbies.

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