Nick Jensen Knows

Nick Jensen Knows

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What was your first introduction to Thunder Trucks? My mate Toby Shuall skated them back in the day at south bank and I thought he was a really sick skater so I wanted to be like him. What size truck do you ride? I can’t remember the exact size, high and wide ones! Are you working on any projects currently? I am working on my part in the up and coming Grey Video! Due to come out in a few months. How do you ride your trucks? Medium. Living in the UK, do you feel it’s been hard to get recognition from the industry? Yeah it can be. The main industry being from America can make it hard for people to see the significance of some of the skateboarding going on over here. What inspires the way you approach skateboarding? I loved the video eastern exposure and I feel London relates to that approach a lot. I am inspired by that east coast mentality. What’s your go to first after setting up new trucks? 50 50 you gotta get marks on them. You’ve been riding for Thunder for a while now. Have you had any favorite graphic or ad? I like the O.G. grenade logo. Who do you usually skate with in London? Rob Mathieson, Jake Harris, Jake Saywer, Paddy Jones, Chris Jones and more. Can you let us in on what’s happening with your current board company situation? Can we expect to see some art direction from you? Yes! I am heavily involved on the art direction. I am really excited and I am looking forward to seeing what people think.

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