Jamie Thomas Knows

Jamie Thomas Knows

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What was your first introduction to Thunder Trucks? I remember seeing ads of Natas and Julien Stranger around the time Sick Boys came out. Shortly after I saw the trucks and they had the lizard and the knife on the baseplates. I always thought they were cool and Natas was one of my favorite skaters, so as soon as I got enough money I bought a set. What size truck do you ride? I rode 147’s for years, but I’ve been filming my Battle Commander on a bunch of different boards and most of the boards have 149’s on them and I love how solid they feel, so I’m switching to 149’s. Are you working on any projects currently? I’m almost done with my Battle Commander, it drops in early February. We’re also working on a Fallen Documentary style travel video ‘Road Less Traveled’ which should drop in summer, then the new Zero video Cold War, which is coming out in October this year. It’s gonna be a busy year. How do you ride your trucks? I like em medium loose. I tighten them a bit when I get em til the bushings break in, then I loosen em after a few days to the way they came. Then I’ll give em a quarter or half turn here and there if I travel and the weather changes. Being a veteran professional, what keeps you motivated? I’m constantly being motivated by different things, sometime it will be a project and sometimes it’s the quest to learn a new trick and sometimes it traveling with the team or a new photo/video part by another old dude, haha. That’s what’s so great about skateboarding; if you’re out there doing it, there’s always something rad going on to keep you hyped. Any superstitions or things you must do when setting a board up? Nah, I try to not add any more obstacles to skating than life already gives you. What’s your go to first after setting up new trucks? Slappies always feel good on new trucks. It’s not precise and I think it’s the best way to break in the bushings and getting the first grinds going feels good. You’ve been riding for Thunder for awhile now. Have you had a favorite graphic or ad? (not sure if you’re talking about my ads/graphics or of other people; here’s how I’d answer each) I like em all!
I think one of my favorite graphics is my new truck and I liked the nosegrind ad I had a few years ago.
It’s a pretty rad team with some amazing talent. Do you find inspiration from anyone of the guys? I find inspiration from all the guys on the team, I’m always excited to see the new Thunder ads in Thrasher; it’s a consistent highlight of the mag. What do you hope you leave skateboarding with? A lifetime of memories!


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Jamie Thomas Knows
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