Know Control


  1. Thunders are the fucking shit, easy as that!

    Tomas Martinez
  2. it’s the shit! hands down best truck ever made!

    Korey Orloff
  3. I ride them because they feel perfect and have great control

    Arron James
  4. Best truck company that last super long and strong

    Esmerjake Gonzalez
  5. Because they’re strong they’re durable and they last

    Parker Mathews
  6. They’re the fucking best only trucks I haven’t broke

    Chris Howe
  7. They are the best trucks i’ve ever skated , thunder for life

    Samuel Villeneuve
  8. Thunder are best for all grinds

    Joaco Martínez
  9. Thunders turn sharper, grind smoother, and all around feel better!

    Tyler Rosler
  10. Cause those motherfuckers are light as hell

    Jonathan Nwagbuo
  11. Feel. Control, simple, style.

    Doug Boatwright
  12. Because when i throw a crooks grind down tha hubba , feels so slick

    Donny Cartlidge
  13. Because they’re super light, and turn well and set you back when you need it. Any rail, box, or curve it could slide on it and make no damage on the truck. I loved my Thunder trucks.

    Javier Aviles
  14. Good quality, light, and the bold isn’t that high so it’s easier to grind

    Alex Leon
  15. They are the fucking best

    Tony McCall
  16. They respond and turn smooth

    Mike Olesco
  17. Best for grinding

    Jeffrey Pagurayan
  18. Always had. Since 1988. 39 yrs now. Riding polished teams

    Joshua King
  19. Because of how much control I get! I can have em crazy loose bomb a hill and still feel fully in control no matter what! Thunder for life yo!!

    Sasho Dotchev
  20. Thunder for life and the next life. God rides these trucks!!

    Chandler Green
  21. Super control on the street and at the bowl, sharp turns, and very LOUD GRINDS!!! I have been riding THUNDERS for 20 years and I really like where this Truck has come from and is going to.. THUNDER TRUCKS forever! GET SOME! SUPPORT!

  22. Thanks thunder for the 151mm truck i’m in love.They gind,turn,and look better than any other big boy truck out there.From a big dude with a big board and a dream set of trucks keep fuckin killin it.

    nate ash
  23. Been skating them for 3 years now, hella good trucks never broke and the white bushings are twice as good as bones.

    DJ Pizzuti
  24. Thunders are the best.Plain And Simple. Perfect Grinds,Perfect Control,Everything is Perfect.

    Isaac "Baby Pop" Rodriguez
  25. ^^ Other companies can claim the lightest trucks in the skate game but nobody beats Thunder Trucks.

    Ian Barnes-Classen
  26. Best truck ever, Thunder for life ! !!!!!

  27. If you slap on some thunders to your board. You WILL skate better. Best turning for sure.

    Nate Greenwood
  28. These Trucks Will Last You For Years haha

    juan diaz
  29. Awesome grinding and really smooth turning

    Enrico Arezo
  30. 20 Years Skating, 20 Years With Thunder. Control your Day, Ride Thunder Trucks.

    Paulo Almeida
  31. Thunders are the best ride em.

    Justin Caston
  32. Best trucks ever! Yes they beat Independent.

    Nic Johnson
  33. Been ridin em since they came out with the first set that had the skull and crossbones on the baseplate. Hell, I got the frickin grenade tattooed on my chest. Thunders For Life. No Joke!!!

    Abe Linders
  34. dude thunders are nice and thin so when your cruising they make you go fast because its like cutting through air. and when you grind its super slick. plus they look sexy i get all the girls with thunders!!

    Jesus Lugo
  35. Thunders for life, fuck the rest !

    Daniel Montilla

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