Jason Adams Friendly Fire

Jason Adams Friendly Fire

This Friday March 22nd Jason Adams is hosting the Friendly Fire art show featuring collaborative artwork together with Chet Childress, Dan Drehobl, Duane Peters, Joe Brook and many more. With only days left before the show the Kid sat down to let us pick his brain about the creative process behind the Friendly Fire show, what drives his artwork, and where his skateboarding and artwork are heading next.

How did the collection of artists and musicians for the friendly fire show come together? Have you done any collaborative work with any of them before? If so which ones? Well at first it was suppose to be a collab show with just me and Chet Childress, but its hard to get chet to lock into anything sometimes. When it came down to the wire i think it was a little much for him. So last minute I came up with the idea of FRIENDLY FIRE. I have so many talented friends and the bands playing are all my friends from SJ. (The Forgotten and The Odd Numbers) so it just made since. What better way to have a shoe launch at nearly 40 years old? Just be surrounded and working with friends, and Duffel is DJing…one more friend!! I have collaborated with Chet and Russ in the past! jason-adams-treeride-tnHow does the creative process between you and the other artists works? Well for Chet, Russ, and Dan I put down some paint and images. All the images i sent i had them in mind. just knowing them and what they do visually. i came up with images/ideas i thought would easily spark them. now with Jai, he gave me some photos. i made images and put some paint down. We went back and forth a few times. Bigfoot mailed me an unfinished painting he had and i finished it. I’m still waiting for Sid! Ha Ha come on Sid you fucking lagger! He’s making something i’m gunna paint on. Then Josie and Joe I’m making paintings from their photos. Noah sent me some of his really cool linoleum block prints I’m gunna paint on! Its been really fun and challenging process!! i want to do more in the future for sure! In the past few years you’ve done a lot with your art as well as in skating through Elephant. How do you balance your two passions? Are there any similarities in the way that you approach them? Well I don’t. I guess its cool it looks like that! Ha Ha. The last 3-4 years I really have put skateboarding on the back burner. Not that I really wanted to or that I haven’t skated. I still do, but i have had no ambition to be seen to much or really push it, but being married with two kids?…well, i just can’t do it all. I have to choose one or the other, but after FRIENDLY FIRE i’m gunna get back out there and put skateboarding at a higher priority! I’m feelin it big time right now!. I’ll admit I was a little burnt on skateboarding for a bit. I went really hard for almost twenty years. I needed to shed pro/sponsored skating to be honest. Granted I still have sponsors and my name on stuff, but I don’t look at myself like that. I’m back to skate boarding 100% for me, for enjoyment. i did a lot of force fed skateboarding for many years out of so called ‘work ethic’ I definitely lost part of the true experience of skateboarding. To answer the second part of your question. Yes my approach to art is the same as my approach to skateboarding. Constantly working around my limitations. Definitely more will than skill! jason-adams-fs-tn For most skating requires an enormous amount of trial and error, slamming repeatedly, and getting back up to eventually pull it? Is there anything in comparison in creating your art, or is it more precise? Oh no!!! My visual art process is the same as skateboarding. Its all covering up my fuck ups…..to the point now when making a painting i purposely put down layers of fuck ups so I have to work around them to make the final product. Your artwork & skating has always been heavily influenced by Punk Rock, what do you see as some of your other major influences in your artwork? My main inspiration for visual art is the same as love for skateboarding. Its more like medication. Its finding ways to distract me from life. I have never fit into the so called “real world” so I have always found things to keep me sane. Keep me busy in my own little bubble. I’m just a little skate-punk from the suburbs. So i’m sure my visuals reflect that for sure! You’ve mentioned before that your initial spark to get into doing art was to be able to do your own board graphics. Was there a certain pro or hero of yours growing up skating that you looked up to and influenced you to want to create your own boards? Mark gonzales, Neil Blender, Lance Mountain, John Lucero. Over all Lance Mountain is my all time! from the start to present day. biggest influence for sure! adamsxbigfoot Jason Adams x Bigfoot Have you had a chance to collaborate with any of them or do you have any plans to? I have done some projects with Lance. He did my Elephant 20 years graphic which was definitely a high light of my time in skateboarding and of corse working with Lucero for Black Label for a total of ten years. I did a graphic for The Gonz. Wich i really wish i could get a re-do on that one…..it makes me cringe every time i see it! ha ha ha, hint hint Tommy! What’s next for you after the Friendly Fire show, any summer plans? Skateboarding! I’m gunna film a part for TILTMODE TV. I’m also gunna be in a museum exhibit in the fall at the TRITON in Santa Clara…. so i should probably make some shit for that i guess???
adamsxludaJason Adams x Chet Childress
adamsxtanju Jason Adams x Jai Tanju

* All photos courtesy of Jai Tanju