T-Funk & Bobby De Keyzer De Funkt

Tristan Funkhouser and Bobby De Keyzer just dropped nearly 10 minutes of unseen gnarly footage for their welcome to DC Shoes part, De Funkt.


David Reyes ‘Landrace’ Part

303 boards in Denver, Colorado has been putting out amazing local videos for years now, their newest release Landrace is another great addition featuring Thunder rider and Denver native David Reyes. Check out David’s part now live on hellaclips.


James Hardy True Blue

James Hardy comes through with a heavy part alongside Pat Burke an Nick Merlino in the new Dekline video ‘True Blue’.


Happy Birthday Neen

Sending a big Happy Birthday out to Thunder rider Neen Williams today. Have a good one Neen, hope it’s Essential.


Happy Birthday Antoine

Sending a big happy birthday out to everyone’s favorite REAL Canadian, Antoine Asselin. Hope it’s a good one Antoine.


Ishod Wair: Soty Contenders

Ishod only has one thing on his mind, skateboarding. So it’s no surprise he followed up SOTY this year with another year of destruction and found his way into the SOTY contenders.


Parks & Wreck with Chris Cole

Chris Cole hits up the Carlsbad Alga Norte Skatepark for a session and to hook up sets of his new Limited Edition Black Lights for the the newest Parks & Wreck.


Chris Cole Giveaway

To celebrate the release of Chris Coles new Limited Edition Black Lights Truck, Chris is giving a set away for free.