Happy Birthday David Reyes

Sending a big Happy Birthday out to one of Colorado’s finest, David Reyes. Hope you’re having a great one diggler.


New Clive Dixon Part

Start your week off with a bang, Check out Thunder rider Clive Dixon’s new full part now live at


Happy Birthday Jamie Thomas

Sending a big Happy Birthday shout out to the chief. Happy Birthday Jamie, hope it’s a good one.


Kyle Frederick ‘ 12 o’clock karl’ part

Not much more you can say about Kyle’s new part other than it fucking rips. Check out ’12 O’clock Karl’ now live at


Kyle Frederick Knows

While getting ready for his new ’12 o’clock Karl part’ part on Thrasher, Kyle Frederick comes through with the newest Thunder Knows clip.


Kyle Frederick: Magnified

Kyle Frederick gaps out to grind on a spot just begging to break him off for Thrasher’s magnified.