Tom K Hi-Tide Part

Tom Karangelov crawls wall, tackles handrails and pushes fast in his amazing part in the Hi-Tide [part 2] video by Matt Bulblitz.


Plunkett – Down Right Evil

Dan Plunkett just dropped a new part on hellaclips from the local ATL video, Down Right Evil by Scott Wagoner. Check out 6 minutes of Plunkett footage and snag a copy of the video.


Happy Birthday Mikey!

Sending a big Happy Birthday to one of the most positive dudes around, Mr. Mikey Taylor. Hope it was a good one Mikey.


Lifers Project Art Show

The Lifers Project photo exhibit at Escapist Skate Shop in Kansas City, MO tonight 7pm. Sale of each print go to #TheBuildProject for Harrison Street DIY.


Trevor Colden : Push Ep. 4

There’s no turning back on a trick once it’s in your head. Trevor Colden takes us through the process in the newest episode of the Berrics Push.


Dennis Durrant : Parks & Wreck

For the release of his new Pro Edition Truck Dennis Durrant rounded up a crew of Aussie Thunder riders and hit the park to hook up the locals with some trucks. Check out Durrant’s Thunder Parks and Wreck video and the newest Thunder Fall 2015 release.


Nakel Smith IC2

Nakel Smith’s part from the Illegal Civ 2 video is now online.