Josh Douglas Coastlines Part

All the way from Palm Beach to Long Beach, Josh Douglas comes through with some effortless lines and a deep bag of tricks for his new Thunder Trucks Coastlines video part, now playing. Fuck yeah Josh!


Alexis Ramirez : The Sk8mafia Video

Alexis rounds out the Sk8mafia video with a bang that shows he truly deserved having last part. Attacking waist high flatbars and huge gaps will, Alexis came through proper. Be sure to watch this a few times, it’s only going to be available for 24 hours.


Josh Douglas “Coastlines” Part Premiere

If you’re in the Long Beach area tomorrow, Wednesday August 24th, stop by Long Beach Skate for a premiere of Josh Douglas’ “Coastlines” part. There will be free pizza and a skate jam starting at 7pm. See you there!


Bombaklats: Sebastiaan Vijverberg

Sebastiaan has last part for good reason. His tricks and spots are fucking gnarly. This is the part you’ve been waiting for.


Tyson Bowerbank Recruit

One of Salt Lake City’s finest, Tyson Bowerbank heads into The Berrics with his insane bag of tricks and heavy lines for his new Recruit part. Fuck Yeah Tyson!


Clive Dixon – Surfing With Satan

Clive Dixon attacks everything in his path for his new Surfing with Satan part, now playing over at


Alexis Ramirez Bangin!

Alexis Ramirez skates it all ledges, rails or transition, he kills it all in his new Bangin at The Berrics.


Highland Showdown Contest

Not your ordinary contest – Elliot Sloan hosted a huge jam in his backyard with the likes of Jimmy Wilkins, Alex Person, Sam Beckett and many more! This contest goes off!