Jack Olson Recruited

Jack Olson doesn’t stop. He wasted no time after Through and Through to hit up the Berrics for an all new Recruit part.


In Words: Carlos Iqui

Fresh off his recent De La Calle/De Rua part, Carlos discusses coming to America and skateboarding in Brazil in this new interview.


Jonathan Perez Chaodown Part

Flow ripper Jonathan Perez puts down bangers on some of the gnarliest spots The Bay has to offer in his Chaodown part.


Doomsayers “Everybody’s Clown” Video

Doomsayers just released their first video Everybody’s Clown today on Thrasher. Watch Brad Cromer & Tom Karangelov crush it along with the rest of the crew!


Happy Birthday Kyle Frederick

Sending a huge Happy Birthday to Kyle Frederick today. Hope it’s a great one, player!


Stoops USA Tour Video

Brad Cromer, Austyn Gillette, Dan Plunkett and Peter Ramondetta travelled all over the country with HUF for their Stoops USA Tour. Check out the video!


Carlos Iqui : DE LA CALLE/DA RUA

Carlos Iqui kicks off DC Shoes newest video, De La Calle/Da Rua with some insane lines and plenty of NBD’s.