Miles Silvas PUSH EP.03

Miles Silvas looks back at the early days of getting sponsored and having his family there to support him in EP.03 of his PUSH series.


Jamie Foy on the Nine Club

Jamie sat down with the crew at the Nine Club to talk about how to started skateboarding when he was 1 years old, getting on Deathwish, and how Das Pinch has become a thing.


Boo Johnson : Life & Times

Boo puts it down in his new “Life & Times” part on Thrasher! He brings his heavy combo of style and power to some of the gnarliest spots. Fuck yea!


Max Garson : Potato Bread

Max is a rad mix of style, power, and simple tricks done well. He also can put it all on the line, as evidenced by his last trick. Go check out his new “Potato Bread” part now playing on Thrasher!


Miles Silvas Pro Truck Release Party & Photo Show

Join the Thunder Team at PLA Skate Shop in Downtown Sacramento, 6pm Saturday January 7th, for the Miles Silvas Pro Truck Release Party & Photo Show featuring photos of Miles from over the years by Joe Brook, Jeff Landi and Kyle Camarillo. Best Trick contest at 28th & B Street Skatepark from 2-4pm. Don’t miss it!


Tristan Funkhouser – Substance Full Part

T-Funk’s full part in Transworld’s Substance video is back online for good. If you missed it the first time or if you’ve already seen it, this one is definitely worth checking out.


Let’s Get it Wright : Episode 3

In the final episode of Let’s Get it Wright, Zion heads to LA to catch some waves and film with his Thunder teammate Jamie Foy.